We will assit for reduce the industrial load on circulating environment by Oil separators,Oil skimmers and Filter units.

We Address Energy and Environmental Issues and Contribute to Relization of Sustainable Comfortable Society.




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The HOS-series Oil Separators make available the long-lasting performance of the water-based cleaning fluids and the water-soluble fluids.
The HFS-series Oil Skimmers can recover forcibly even the low-viscosity oil that cannot be recoverd by using the belt skimmers,etc.


Environmental Equipments

Oil separators, Oil skimmers, Filter case etc.
We design and suggest about cost down in long-term perspective for production line by environmental equipments.

Oil Separators

The HOS-series Oil Separators make available the long-lasting performance of the water-based cleaning fluids and the water-soluble fluids by high performance oil separating.


Oil skimmers

The HFS-Series Oil Skimmers recover efficiently the oil floating on top of water-soluble fluids.


Filter Case

The filter case has the U-packing and the O-ring for sealing and secures thorough sealing performance.
The section contacting liquid is made of SUS and rust-free.


Filter Units

Oil Cleaner
Oil cleaner cleans oil and protects auxiliary equipment by using the filter selected according to the solid substances, water,etc. in the oil.
Oil Purifier
Oil purifier realizes removal of solid substances from the oil, separation of liquid from the oil, etc. with a single unit.
Oil-water Separator
Oil-water separator removes water from oil by using the water absorption filter or the coalescer filter according to the situation.

Filter for Power PlantsChemical Plants

We design and suggest a few devices for power plants, nuclear power plants and chemical plants.

Filter Housing

Compactification is available by using the high-accuracy high-characteristic filter cartridge.


Six-way and Three-way Valve

Six way valve and three way valve make it bossible to switch the valve without stopping flow of the fluid and keep low pressure loss when you change the filter cartridge.


Oil Mist Eliminator

The propretary coalesce filter cartridge minimizes maintenance and guarantees operating for a long period without causing clogging.

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Filter Cartridges

We propose appropriate filter cartridges according to the situation.

Variety of Filter Cartridges

Filtration filters, SUS filters, separating filters, adsorption filters, etc.

Caution!)Copy filters are on the market. It's make deteriorate performance your machine.

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